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OM SS ON investigates access, privilege, and consequences when assumptions about one’s identity are made and left uncorrected. OM SS ON is an ongoing video project that employs collected stories to consider situations and environments in which sexual and gender identity are constructed by willful or accidental omission. Central to the creation of each account is the challenge of re/presenting the subject with story-telling cues altered or absent. The viewer, confronted with the interviewee’s profile, must decide how to use their considerable powers of judgment in assembling the information presented.

Using the web as the gallery space, OM SS ON creates small environments of confrontation and resistance by inviting people already present in public spaces to visit the gallery via QR code.

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I am a queer visual artist seeking participants who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender variant, genderqueer, or queer for an ongoing video artwork. I am looking for LGBTQ individuals who have a personal story about an interaction or occasion when assumptions were made about your identity and you purposely left the assumption and/or situation uncorrected. I am especially interested stories which relate to the access, privilege, and consequences of allowing the other party to maintain their assumption or belief. While many of us have stories which relate to gender and being misidentified in some public spaces (like public bathrooms) I am looking for accounts that broaden and question the paradigms for identity in both public and private spaces, and at different developmental ages from children to adults.

If you have a story you would like to share, please email a brief description of your encounter with a short bio that includes how you identify yourself and your geographic location (city, state, country). My aim is to include as diverse a group of respondents as possible; I would like this to be a cross-generational, cross-socioeconomic class, cross-ethnicity, cross-geographical project. Please feel free to forward this ad to individuals who may find this compelling.

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