kate okeson


Naturehood Watch

A joint project with artist Michael Paul Raspanti, Naturehood Watch is a public art project focusing local attention on the avian population and the ecosystem of which they are part. view site


A collaboration with Ken Robertson, 50/50 is a dialogue and photo/imaging exploration that will culminate in a show of all 100 works at once. Monthly, each artist sends a list of prompts to the other and the imaging response will be printed at the end of five exchanges. There will be two different sets of limited edition artist’s books to accompany the show.

The Card Catalogue: A Queer Genealogy

A community effort led by Kate, this genealogy is exhaustive and demonstrates depth, visibility, and interconnection.


An ongoing-in-the-works comic that is not just a little bit personally narrative.

Cultural Worker Local 732

An unsigned zine that is being published monthly.